ANPEC推出40V HV Buck Converters for Type-C PD APW7531A
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ANPEC推出40V HV Buck Converters for Type-C PD  APW7531A

· Typical VIN=20~24V with OVP and UVP Functions
· Buck for Controller:
     - +2% 5V & 3.3V Output Voltage, 2A Output Current and 500kHz Switching Frequency
     - Integrated 150mW N-MOS for High Side and 100mW N-MOS for Low Side
· Buck for PD
     -  Output Current up to 5V/5A ,12V/5A, 15V/3A
     -  Programmable output voltage from 5V to 20V per 40mV/step
     -  Integrated 20mW High Side and 15mW Low Side Mosfet
     -  High Efficiency up to 95%
     -  Power-on-Reset Monitoring
     -  Power Good and Fault Indicator
     -  70% Under-Voltage Protection and 125% Over-Voltage Protection
     -  Over-Temperature Protection
     -  Available in TQFN6x6-48 Package